Our Method

Nothing will ever replace the hands on, focused practice required to learn to play a musical instrument.  But, there is technology available today that can help in learning musical concepts.  Our method incorporates midi instruments and a computer lab in every lesson we teach.  We then correlate the concepts from the lab into the private lesson.   In this way, we can accelerate and solidify the theory behind the music.

Our Philosophy

We believe strongly in the positive affect learning music has on the developing brain.  While learning music adds a richness to our lives it also wires the brain for a more complete understanding of our world. We are committed to providing music education that not only produces musicians, but also enhances the mind. 

About Minds On Music


Music is such a vital part of our lives.  Can you imagine "Rocky" without the theme music?  How about "Jaws"?  Music adds to any celebration and is often what we turn to when we our emotions are overwhelmed. On 9-11 it was a unifying moment when our Representatives gathered on the steps of the capital to sing.  As the saying goes, "when words fail, music speaks."  


But what scientists are discovering more and more is that music is vital to the wiring of our brain.  Indisputable research continues to reveal how beneficial studying music is for the mind.  Learning music not only increases math scores, but also opens areas of creativity and perception that otherwise remain closed off.  The consensus among the experts is that the study of music makes one smarter.


Minds On Music was founded as a way of offering parents an opportunity to add comprehensive music education to their children's curriculum as schools continue to cut music from their program.  Our approach is designed to incorporate music history, theory and quality instruction to open channels in the mind.  We are not just music... we're Minds on Music.


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