Miss Lana Howell

Piano / Voice

Lana lived in both Georgia and Ohio before coming to Pensacola to study piano performance at Pensacola Christian College. Music has always been a huge part of her life; she began piano lessons in second grade in an attempt to keep up with her older sister! Those first years weren’t always easy as she changed teachers and even taught herself for a few months.

When she entered high school, she began taking voice lessons and competed in state-wide competitions in both voice and piano. Although she was very successful in the competitions, she still struggled with pre-performance nerves. Because of this, she determined to conquer her performance fears when she came to study music in Pensacola, forcing herself to perform more than was required for her classes. To her surprise, she found that when she was performing only for the sake of sharing her music, she was hardly nervous at all!

One of Lana’s favorite things about Minds on Music is the forgiving atmosphere for the students. She believes that all musicians should love their music so much that they can’t wait to share it. She wants to encourage and grow that musical love until it is greater than the stage fright that students so often face.