Mr. Brenan Woody

Guitar / Piano / Drums / Recording

Mr. Brenan’s love for music began at an early age. He began teaching himself melodies on his great-grandmother’s pump organ as soon as he was tall enough to reach the keys above his head as he pumped the organ with his feet! When he was 8, his grandmother noticed his inclination for music and began teaching him piano at her house. After about two years, he decided he wanted to learn guitar as well. After receiving one as a gift for Christmas, he began teaching himself, and went on to join multiple bands in high school. He even joined the local high school’s marching band where he played percussion and electric bass.

While he was trained in piano, bass, and percussion throughout his childhood, it was after moving to Pensacola that he finally received proper technical training on his primary instrument. In addition to earning his degree from Pensacola State College for Classical Guitar Performance, Mr. Brenan was decorated with multiple musical and academic awards including a First Prize guitar performance at a statewide competition.

After finishing college, Mr. Brenan settled into quite a musical life playing bass, guitar, drums, and mandolin in multiple bands in the area, including the Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Praise Band. In his free time he likes to hike, camp, grill, study music theory, and work on his personal recording projects at home.

Mr. Brenan’s favorite thing about teaching at Minds On Music is having the ability to leave lasting, positive impressions on his student’s lives. The best feeling, to him, is witnessing that breakthrough moment when a student achieves what they first saw as an impossible task. As a result, his lessons are frequently accompanied by cries of glee and high fives!