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Welcome to Minds On Music, Florida's First Steinway Select Studio! Please view our tour video to learn about our history, programs, and how we can best serve you.

Membership Information

We are excited to be with you on your musical journey! Please watch our tour video, then read through the following enrollment offerings and policies to answer your questions and to know what to expect at Minds On Music®. If you would like to proceed with the enrollment process, then please select the "Schedule Request" button below, and we will begin looking at how we can best serve you.

Contact Info:

Email: info@mindsonmusic.net


What Do Lessons Look Like?


At your first lesson, you'll meet your teacher, receive all your materials, set some goals and leave with everything you need to start playing the first night. You'll also get information about the Minds On Music® community and how to stay connected.


You can expect each lesson to have a similar structure. Each lesson will begin with technique, then move on to your assigned level material, and then on to any performance pieces that we are working on. MusIQ

students will work through a rotating series of activities that can also be completed at home.

Instruments & Material

Piano students will need a basic piano or digital keyboard for daily practice. Violin, Viola, Bass, Guitar & Ukulele students will need to bring their instrument to each lesson. Drum students will need a drum set or a practice drum pad at home and will bring their drum sticks to each lesson. Voice students should have access to a piano/keyboard or playback device (iPad, computer or smart phone) for practice purposes. ALL students need to bring individual lesson materials to each lesson.

Enrollment Offerings

MusIQ™ - $184/ (multiple students/military discounts available)

  • Private, one-on-one music instruction (1/2 hour private lesson)

  • Music theory education (1/2 hour computer & worksheet lessons tied to our curriculum with periodic assessments)

  • Performance (both in the recording studio and on stage)

  • Collaboration (BAND or Ensemble) - *by invitation

  • Community Outreach (Music Ambassadors will take performance out to our community)

  • Incentivizing programs (Learn It To Earn It)

  • Classes (songwriting, chorus, etc) *additional fees may apply

  • Masterclasses (We bring a “master” in to critique our students performance in real time)

  • More... (we have so many ideas!)

All of these offerings give our students a well-rounded music education. Each part of our MusIQ™ program is designed to affect a different part of the brain and bring music instruction to LIFE! We have restructured our MusIQ™ time to support a theory assessment as a part of the Level Test. Students will be prepared by their teacher using supporting apps and worksheets, and will demonstrate theory concepts appropriate to their level. Concepts will include sight reading, ear training, musical terms and music theory. The MusIQ™ will now be designed around each level and its assessment.

Pre-Piano - $144/month

  • Private, one-on-one music instruction (1/2 hour lesson for students 3-6 years)

  • Performance opportunities on stage

  • Community Outreach - *by invitation

  • Incentivizing programs (Learn It To Earn It)

  • Level Up program to show progress

Pre-Piano™ students reap many of the same benefits as MusIQ™ students, while still working towards some of the future goals like level testing in the recording studio, band involvement and masterclasses. This is our gentle introduction to piano offering that will provide a stable musical foundation for our students to build on as they grow.

Supplemental Offerings

Add an Instrument - $122/month

  • adds an additional 30 minutes of instruction time weekly on an additional instrument.

Adult Lessons - $144/month

  • 30 minute private instruction for ages 18+

M.O.M. + Me - $160 / 10-week class

  • 45-minute class weekly; ages 6 months-3 years.

  • Aids in brain development, helps develop fine-motor skills, and so much more!

Music Therapy @ M.O.M. - $75 / 45-min session

  • Private, one-on-one music therapy session with our Board Certified Music Therapist.

        • *pre-enrollment assessment required.

Collaboration Offerings

Band - $45/month + $30/add. student

Vocal Ensemble - $45/month + $30/add. student

Vocal Ensemble for Non-Members- $90/month

Band + Vocal Ensemble- $75/month

Registration Fee - $45

Tommy, the Original Reason for MOM

When we were expecting our first and only child (Tommy), we attended a lecture at the Atlanta Symphony entitled "Music and the Mind." We were astounded at the profound impact that learning music had on developing brains and began to act on it. As first time parents, we wanted the best for our son so we enrolled him in baby music class and lessons. He enjoyed music and did well with it, but he also loved karate and baseball. However, we began to notice some things that were lacking from his other activities. When he started kindergarten, we went back to school to study music at Pensacola State College. We started giving lessons and incorporating everything we knew from our studies and other life experiences. People were happy with the positive method that we used and we wound up with many students. After 2 years, we outgrew our home and decided to build Minds On Music (M.O.M.). Since then, every single decision we make at M.O.M. is based on what we wanted for our son. We continue to use this “parent mindset” in our choices because we all want what is best for our kids.