Why Should You Record at M.O.M.?

Recording music is an art form in and unto itself. A good recording can make or break an album. Engineers can capture magical musical moments and the breath between the notes. Listening to a well-produced album can transport a person into the artist's dream.

But recording is also a very valuable teaching tool. When a student is able to listen to what they played, the complete performance can be heard in a detached state, quite differently than when they were in the moment. Being able to analyze the recording with their teacher is sometimes the only way to truly hear and understand a point the instructor is trying to convey.

For this reason, we added a recording studio to our facility. The studio will not only help students learn by listening, but also be part of the test that students must pass through in order to get to the next level. This recording performance will not only benefit the student in the manner detailed above, but will also provide a historical "record" of musical progress.