What is Pre-Piano?

For students that are ready to move on from Mom and Me classes, but are not quite ready for private lessons, we offer a Pre-Piano program. These private, 30 minute piano lessons teach the basics of playing piano as well as general music concepts of note identification, rhythm and ear training. Mixing fun activities with traditional learning modules, students are prepared for the more focused level of private instruction

One of our long-time staple offerings, Pre-Piano™ remains to be one of our favorites! This program is designed to be the gentle introduction to piano that a lot of students ages 3-6 years old need. Pre-Piano™ students still reap some of the same benefits as MusIQ™ students, while working towards beginner basic musical goals in a fun, playful way. To read more about what is included in our Pre-Piano™ program, please click on the "Learn More" button below.

A Typical Pre-Piano Lesson

At Minds On Music, we are dedicated to meeting our students where they are, in order to encourage a love for music, develop minds, and improve the quality of instruction. A typical pre-piano lesson, may start and end on the piano, but it does not mean that we are there the whole time. Our instructors use crayons, worksheets, games, stuffed animals, and even other instruments to help our young pianists thrive in their lessons.