Adult Lessons

What are the benefits of adult music lessons?

It is a common misconception that once you reach adulthood, you passed some invisible line to learn an instrument and/or recieve musical instruction. However, music knows no barriers, as it transcends age, language. location, etc. There are many amazing benefits to taking music lessons at any age! Adults who take music lessons have found the following benefits:

  • Music is a stress reliever.

  • Music can boost your memory.

  • Music can improve overall cognitive functions.

  • Music can promote physical health and better posture.

  • Music lessons can boost your confidence.

Miss Kelly is a wonderful and talented teacher at Minds on Music! Her patient and gentle method of teaching helps students not only learn musical technique and skills, but build confidence in their innate abilities and capitalize on their natural strengths. This results in students who are proud and capable, not only in music, but in their day to day lives as well.

- Kelly Stone, Adult Student @ MOM