What is MusIQ™?

Nothing will ever replace the hands on learning, nor the focused practice required to learn to play a musical instrument.  But, there is technology available today that can help in learning musical concepts.  Our method incorporates a in every lesson we teach.  We then correlate the concepts from the IQ Station into the private lesson.   In this way, we can accelerate and solidify the theory behind the music. This method has proven beneficial for both our younger students, as well as  our adult students. We believe that music theory application,   like music, has no age limits.

Formerly known as our “Lesson & Lab” program, our revamped MusIQ™ Program is the total music education package.  Learning a musical instrument has so many benefits and these benefits can last a lifetime.  We have learned a lot in the last 8 years but the biggest thing is that learning music is a process that takes time and requires consistency.  We have designed our program to provide high quality instruction, opportunities and incentives to keep the process fresh and moving forward. To read more about what is included in our MusIQ™ program, please click on the "Learn More" button below.








Recording Level Tests

But recording is also a very valuable teaching tool.  When a student is able to listen to what they played, the complete performance can be heard in a detached state, quite differently than when they were in the moment.  Being able to analyze the recording with their teacher is sometimes the only way to truly hear and understand a point the instructor is trying to convey.


For this reason, we added a recording studio to our facility. The studio will not only help students learn by listening, but also be part of the test that students must pass through in order to get to the next level.  This recording performance will not only benefit the student in the manner detailed above, but will also provide a historical "record" of musical progress.