Miss Susanna Ivy


Susanna began taking piano lessons when she was six years old. She continued to study music as a hobby until she went to a summer music academy in high school. At the academy, she realized that music was more than a hobby, it was her passion. She learned that music is a powerful gift from God and wanted to study it in more depth. At the age of sixteen, she began college and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pensacola Christian College with a B.A. in Music. During her four years of study, she realized that she not only wanted to perform music for others, but she wanted to teach others about the beauty and purpose of music. In 2021, Susanna married her husband Nathan, who is a musician as well.

In her free time, you can find her going on spontaneous adventures with her husband, family and friends, writing her own musical compositions, looking for new food trucks in the area, reading novels by Charles Dickens, working out at the gym, practicing Krav Maga, and serving in her church.

She is very thankful for the opportunity to teach at Minds on Music and sees it as one of the greatest opportunities in the world, to empower and inspire the upcoming generation of musicians and leaders.