Student Highlights

Christmas 2022 Highlights

by Miss Stephanie Smith

Minds On Music had an outstanding recital season, as a result of the hard work and preparation of our talented students. This ENCORE video highlights 8 of our top performances of the 2022 Christmas Recital season. These performances execute a variety of musical techniques, stagemanship, and musicality.

Each song that you will hear paints a picture with beautiful melodies and rhythms, captivating the audience — which is key to good musicianship! Yet, with each performance you will see different styles, instruments, personalities, etc. coming through, which added to the fun of our recitals. We hope that you enjoy this highlight of our 2022 Christmas Recitals. Next time you see these budding young artists, give a shout out to them for a job well done.

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What is ENCORE?

ENCORE will highlight past student performances and Level Tests™ so that everyone can see their wonderful skills. Just like a Master Class, you can see the thoughts and detailed guidance from the Reviews.

Past Encore

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