Masterclass Highlight

ENCORE performance - Masterclass feat. Clayton Nolen, Summer Campbell and Nicholas Khan

November 17, 2021

Masterclass with Dr. Brian Murphy, featuring Clayton Nolen, Summer Campbell and Nicholas Khan

by Mr. Derrick Javier

We here at Minds on Music recently had the honor and pleasure of hosting the very talented Dr. Brian Murphy. During his time here at Mind on Music Dr. Brian taught three master classes to our students: Clayton, Summer, and Nicholas. These classes are a wonderful look into high level performance and a peek into how professionals talk and relate to music.

For this Encore we would like to highlight all of our wonderful performers for this master class series. Not only are these some of our top level performers but it takes a lot of nerve and preparation to have your performance worked on in front of an audience. These students are shining examples of the future talent we have developing here. Below is a short video with highlights from each of the classes. We hope this taste of each video is intriguing. For more, the full videos will also be linked in the description.

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What is ENCORE?

ENCORE will highlight past student Level Tests™ so that everyone can see their wonderful skills. Just like a Master Class, you can see the thoughts and detailed guidance from the Level Test Reviews™.

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