Mr. Tommy Koch

Market Research Consultant

Fifteen-year-old Tommy is the Market Research Consultant for Minds On Music. Since he is a teenager, the team runs ideas by him to rate their "coolness" factor.

Tommy started taking piano lessons when he was 5 years old with Steinway artist, Dr. Kadisha Onalbayeva. In addition to piano, he plays drums and guitar and is in Minds On Music’s student band, Noteworthy. Tommy also acts as an accompanist for several of our students for recital performances.

Tommy loves being at Minds On Music because it really is like a “musical playground” with the recording studio, practice stage and tons of different instruments to choose from. In addition to playing music for pretty much his whole life, Tommy is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and is a pitcher and a catcher in baseball. If Tommy is not at the studio, you can find him at the baseball field with his Dad and a bucket of baseballs.