Why a Training Stage?

For many years, we always held our recitals at larger venues (such as churches); this allowed all of our students and families to come at once. However, students were in a new enviroment, playing on an instrument they had never touched before. And to top that off, the recitals became longer, as our studio grew. That's when we had the idea of having our own stage! Students have the opportunity to rehearse on Minds On Music's Stage, so that they can become comforble with the instrument, the lights, etc. We also take this rehearsal time to teach students performance etiquette.

Our training stag started out very basic, but through the years we have updated stage lights, sound systems, video control booth, and now we have a Steinway Grand Piano. Being able to play on "Einstein," the Steinway, is a highlight for piano students, during the recital season.