Mr. Bryan Brown

Drums / Piano / Guitar

Mr. Bryan is a Pensacola native and started playing the drums when he was 8 years old. He has been studying the instrument for over 20 years. His passion for music is evident from the first time you meet him. Not only is he well versed in tools and techniques, but he loves to teach and comes at it from an encouraging and positive approach. Constantly researching and improving his craft, he has learned key techniques for playing the drums to reduce strain and tension on the body. Bryan also teaches the value of musicianship, team work, and the importance of communication amongst band mates. With these values, it brings a new level of professionalism and self-discipline to our students to prepare them for whatever musical endeavor they decide to take; whether it’s playing in a band or creating original compositions.

Bryan joined Minds On Music in October of 2018. As a performing musician, Bryan is a member of two local bands and often fills in for others. You may also recognize Bryan from a local music store where he worked as a teacher and retail sales associate.

Bryan has already contributed his knowledge and experience as a professional drummer to update our Minds On Music Drum Curriculum. His teaching and performance experience coupled with an infectious positive attitude makes Mr. Bryan a welcome addition to our staff!