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ENCORE performance - 2021 Christmas Recitals

January 24, 2022

2021 Christmas Recital Highlight: featuring Jaxon Vogler, Aubrey Helm and Cecelia Campus, Anastasia Wade, and Kaia Pinney

by Mr. Derrick Javier

This holiday season has come and gone but it has left us with a treasure trove of amazing video performances to look back on. I truly believe every concert had beautiful moments of amazing music as well as wonderful learning moments. I would encourage anyone to have a look at any of them. Unfortunately we can’t highlight everything but for this Encore I would love to take a look at some of our newest gems.

In this video we will be highlighting Jaxon Vogler playing a self composed original piece, a duet sung by Aubrey Helm and Cece Campus, a vocal performance by Kaia Pinney, and finishing off with an amazing piano medley of Christmas songs played by Anastasia Wade. These amazing students give you a small glimpse into the wonderful talent we have here in the studio. We are proud to have these brilliant new stars here shining amongst our already amazing performers. We hope you enjoy the video.

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What is ENCORE?

ENCORE will highlight past student Level Tests™ so that everyone can see their wonderful skills. Just like a Master Class, you can see the thoughts and detailed guidance from the Level Test Reviews™.

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