Miss Anne Rogers

Piano / Guitar

Music and art have always been a part of Anne's family culture. Her grandfather was an opera teacher, her mother played piano, her father and aunt were professional artists. As a small child, she especially loved drawing and singing. Anne started piano lessons at the age of six and by fourteen she was singing, and playing guitar and three-quarter string bass in a high school folk-rock group. Later she studied classical and folk guitar, and taught both for a brief time. In recent years she has sung, played guitar, and composed songs with a very diverse, faith-inspired musical group called Los Viajeros.

Anne majored in Fine Arts in college. She worked for many years in portrait photography, and in pre-press commercial photography, in Chicago and Atlanta. Since 1989, Anne has been a professional portrait artist, drawing human and animal portraits for more than 150 subjects, throughout seven states.

One of her happiest endeavors was homeschooling her daughter, Carrie. Carrie belonged to a homeschool group which studied art, music, dance, and theater at the Orange School for the Performing Arts in Virginia. Anne helped with musical theater productions and also taught drawing classes to the children. Since then, Anne's primary interest has been helping young people mine the gems inherent in each of them, through education, creative expression, and service to humanity.