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ENCORE performance - Grace Brantley

March 5, 2021

"O Holy Night" by Grace Brantley

by Mr. Derrick Javier

One of the most beautiful privileges we are allowed to witness as teachers here at Minds on Music, is the growth and development of musical talent in the students we teach. Being present as a student finds their voice, and watching it bloom into something special, is a miraculous journey not many get to witness.

In this Encore, I would like to highlight the journey of Grace Brantley. As a beginner in our program I could barely hear Grace’s voice over the standard background hum of the studio. Remembering that and seeing how far she has come as a developed singer is staggering. It made me pause and really be thankful for the opportunities I receive to see students come out of their shells and really find their footing.

The following video is a collection of Grace’s level tests through the years, followed by a full performance of “O Holy Night.” It’s a wonderful summation of time, and I do believe you can clearly hear her voice strengthen and mature through the years. It has been a pleasure being able to watch Grace develop as a singer through my time here. I hope you will enjoy these performances as much as I have.

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What is ENCORE?

ENCORE will highlight past student Level Tests™ so that everyone can see their wonderful skills. Just like a Master Class, you can see the thoughts and detailed guidance from the Level Test Reviews™.

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