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ENCORE performance - Rowan Ford

January 19, 2021

Rowan Ford's Recital Performance

by Mr. Derrick Javier

Rowan Ford performed an original piece,“Like A Wizard Falling From the Tallest Tree Into A Puddle."

It is a rare occurrence to have musical fluency bloom at an early age but, in Rowan Ford’s case we are blessed to witness an undeniable level of talent and aptitude for the creation of music. Rowan has just turned 8 and has been playing piano for a little over a year and a half. He has not only written all of the piano and vocal music for this performance, he has also written an additional albums worth of fully completed songs.

The sheer amount of understanding of chord accompaniment, melodic contour, and song structure is staggering for a person so young. This performance is amazing in it’s complexity of parts, it’s wonderful use of catchy hooks, and it’s dynamic phrasing. There is a very impressive level of application of many hard to grasp musical techniques and concepts. Not only does he apply them well but he has the ability to manipulate them with ease.

I’m truly excited to see what comes from this budding musician as he progresses in his musical journey. Keep up the good work Rowan!

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