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ENCORE performance - Discover (ViBE)

February 11, 2021

ViBE - Discover (featuring Joshua Khan, Davis Mollette and Declan Grace)

by Mr. Derrick Javier

One of the core concepts of the musician's experience is being able to play music with other musicians. How do we accomplish this in an age of pandemic, where social distance is the norm and gathering in groups is prohibited? We answered this question by embracing technology and creating VIBE, the Video Interactive Band Experience. This program allows us to bring our students together in music, while taking all the precautions we need to keep people safe.

First steps are always the hardest. Keeping that in mind, I would like to highlight our very first VIBE group. This group consists of my own students: Joshua Khan, Davis Mollette, and Declan Grace.

Each student overcame some incredible difficulties to get this recording down. Joshua created a wonderful sense of dynamics in his playing that matched the group well, even though he had never heard the group play before. Davis filled in the accompaniment well and did a great job highlighting his melody line. And Declan did amazing work with arguablely one of the hardest parts, keeping an exact metronomic beat that kept everyone on track.

These students are breaking ground and setting the stage for greater achievements as we advance in this program. I am truly excited to see what can come of this venture, but for now I hope you enjoy the first fruits of this exciting program.

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