Are You Ready to ViBE?

Our student band (Noteworthy) was an amazing experience for our students and teachers alike. Taking what was learned in lessons and applying it in a band gave our students an amazing leap in energy toward music. We have been looking for ways to recreate that band experience with all our students but it was really difficult to find times that matched students schedules. Also, some of our students were reluctant to get in a band because of performance stress. Well, we finally have a solution to all of these problems - ViBE. You have probably seen several examples of these types of videos, but now, your student can be in a virtual band. The video below shows our teachers performing an original composition by Mr. Brenan and is a short example of what we can do for our students. All the parts were recorded separately and compiled in this group video. ViBE will use a recording of each student's part and create a band performance. The recordings will be in a level test or in the privacy of their own home. Once the video is produced, students can practice to the video and listen to all the parts. Then, if they want, they can get together for rehearsals and perform it live. ViBE is an exclusive offering for our Yearly members.

Discover (featuring Joshua K, Declan G and Davis M)

Check out the premiere ViBE video of "Discover" an original composition by our teachers.

Snoop the Snake (Teacher Band)

Watch Minds On Music's teachers jam out in our first ViBE video.

O Neighbor (featuring Davis M, Declan G, and Alex F)

Watch the premiere performance of "O Neighbor," a Minds On Music Original.

Fire in the Sky (featuring Andian P, Natasha C, and Mr. Bryan).

Check out the first part of our Dragon Slayer Suite with special guest, Mr. Bryan, on the drums.

Discover - Piano Edition (Featuring Jameson K and Victoria D)

View our special piano edition of Discover.

Snoop the Snake (featuring Julio G, Abigail C, Finian G, and Declan G)

Check out our students rocking to their own rendition of Snoop the Snake.