What is MOM & Me?

In an effort to bring the benefits of music to children less than 3 years old, Minds On Music developed a program that incorporates our musical philosophy. This 45 minute class is structured in a way that introduces a child to musical and rhythmic experiences and provides opportunity to experience songs and fingerplays. The music is much more than enjoyment though; children will grow in language development, muscular coordination, body awareness, rhythmic proficiency, auditory discrimination and self confidence.

These fun classes combine music and movement in a way that is invaluable to the overall development of a child. We use songs that get kids up and moving, exercising their bodies and enhancing coordination. Circle games and moving in a line help a child's visual and spatial development; singing the lyrics to a melody gives a sense of pitch and aids in language development. We use songs that have the children move left and right, up and down and in and out teaching the concepts of direction.

So what is MO.M & Me? Music Development for your Little One!