What is MOM & Me?

In an effort to bring the benefits of music to children less than 3 years old, Minds On Music developed a program that incorporates our musical philosophy.  This 45 minute class is structured in a way that introduces a child to musical and rhythmic experiences and provides opportunity to experience songs and fingerplays.  The music is much more than enjoyment though; children will grow in language development, muscular coordination, body awareness, rhythmic proficiency, auditory discrimination and self confidence.  


These fun classes combine music and movement in a way that is invaluable to the overall development of a child.  We use songs that get kids up and moving, exercising their bodies and enhancing coordination.  Circle games and moving in a line help a child's visual and spatial development; singing the lyrics to a melody gives a sense of pitch and aids in language development.  We use songs that have the children move left and right, up and down and in and out teaching the concepts of direction.

What Does Class Look Like?

Your first class is always free (reservation required)! At your first class, you’ll meet the teacher and other families in the class during Gathering Time. For most, it can be an overwhelming experience and we are respectful of overly shy, or overly exuberant students. We tell families that it usually takes 4-5 weeks for a child to feel comfortable in class. If you want to participate, please CLICK HERE to begin.

Our MOM & Me classes are themed by the month. The first week is delightfully awkward as the class is learning all-new songs, dances and activities. But no worries, by the fourth week, all of the activities are second nature to the class!

Parental Support

The most important person in your child’s early musical life is YOU. Parents can encourage musical development by creating an environment full of singing, movement and support. Regardless of how you feel about your own musical abilities, you can offer your child a strong start to a musical life and have fun together while doing it! Three big ways to contribute to their success— 1) Play the songs used in class during the week all the time...in the car, at home or with friends and family, 2) Sing often! You can make up songs or sing favorites and play along with your child, and 3) Model comfortable, free musical expression so your child learns that music making is fun, easy and especially nice when shared.

Getting Started

We would love to have you join a class!
MOM & me is at 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To enroll your child, please fill out this form and indicate whch day works best for you: https://www.mindsonmusic.net/home/sign-up-today

Afterwards, we will get you and your little one on the list and contact you.

Sick Policy & Cleaning Procedures

In consideration for both our teachers' and other students' health, STUDENTS WHO ARE ILL SHOULD NOT ATTEND CLASS. We reserve the right to send a student home if they are exhibiting signs of a contagious illness (fever, cough, vomiting, etc.). Upon arrival to the studio, each adult is asked to wash their hands and hand sanitizer is provided in each teaching studio. Our whole studio is professionally cleaned weekly and our teachers clean and disinfect the MOM & Me room (toys, instruments and equipment) at the beginning and end of each class.

Tommy, the Original Reason for MOM

When we were expecting our first and only child (Tommy), we attended a lecture at the Atlanta Symphony entitled "Music and the Mind." We were astounded at the profound impact that learning music had on developing brains and began to act on it.  As first time parents, we wanted the best for our son so we enrolled him in baby music class and lessons. He enjoyed music and did well with it, but he also loved karate and baseball. However, we began to notice some things that were lacking from his other activities. When he started kindergarten, we went back to school to study music at Pensacola State College. We started giving lessons and incorporating everything we knew from our studies and other life experiences. People were happy with the positive method that we used and we wound up with many students. After 2 years we outgrew our home and decided to build Minds On Music (M.O.M.). Since then, every single decision we make at M.O.M. is based on what we wanted for our son. We continue to use this “parent mindset” in our choices because we all want what is best for our kids.