Programs & Pricing

All memberships include much more than just individual lessons.  Please see below for full list of details for each membership

MusIQ™ - $214/ (multiple students/military discounts available) 

We have restructured our MusIQ™ time to include original content, featuring our own students, and a theory assessment as a part of the Level Test. Students will be prepared by their teacher using supporting apps and worksheets, and will demonstrate theory concepts appropriate to their level. Concepts will include sight reading, ear training, musical terms and music theory. The MusIQ™ will now be designed around each level and its assessment.

Pre-Piano- $174/month

Pre-Piano™ students reap many of the same benefits as MusIQ™ students, while still working towards some of the future goals like level testing in the recording studio, band involvement and masterclasses. This is our gentle introduction to piano offering that will provide a stable musical foundation for our students to build on as they grow.

Supplemental Offerings

Add an Instrument - $152/month

Adult Lessons - $174/month

M.O.M. + Me  - $180 / 10-week class

Music Therapy @ M.O.M.  - $90 / 45-min session

Collaboration Offerings 

Band - $60/month + $40/add. student

Vocal Ensemble - $60/month + $40/add. student

Registration Fee - $50